3x Investment into Impact Projects

Amongst all the changes we are making, the most important change is the tripling of the Impact Fund. 

Our Impact Fund has supported a wide range of Social Impact entrepreneurs, charities and community initiatives – from an anti-FGM charity trying to eradicate the practice in the UK & Sierra Leone – to a body positivity platform, a reading club to drive literacy in disadvantaged kids, a hyper-local charity fund supporting families in the costs of living crisis, a bike repair shop retraining kids to fix bicycles and encourage bike riding amongst minorities – and a web dev agency training women from war-torn countries to be coders.

We will be making 9 Impact Awards a quarter (27 a year) totalling an investment in the prosperity of our community of £144,000. We will also be running more community focused events and surgeries using our member volunteer hours so there will be lots of opportunities to support businesses making impact in their communities.

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