Duane Holland

Creative Strategist

Duane is a cross-discipline strategist with 18+ years uniquely blending Creative Consultancy, Communications, Experience and Innovation to shape the future of brands, businesses and society in the Connected Age. He was named twice in the BIMA 100 of UK digital influencers as 'Agent for Change' and 'Strategy Consultant' for his work in accelerating nascent digital technologies and behavioural science into creative concepts and experiences; assembling cross-discipline experts around complex challenges; and creating a dialogue between the creative industry and pioneering academics and 'labs'. Duane's clients include TikTok, UCL, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi, Shockwaves and Olay.

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By Duane Holland Creative Strategist

How can you future-proof yourself in a VUCA landscape and booming freelance economy? Take a closer look at the skills, tools and adaptations that make up your unique offering. In a complex world, not being a specialist can actually be a great advantage. Dot-connector Duane Holland explores why you should embrace your interdisciplinarianism (try saying that one fast).

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