Matt Nicholson

Digital consultant

Matt is a digital consultant with over 15 years in the industry helping brands launch, transform and maximise customer experience. His clients include Reuters, New York Times, HKW Berlin, The Royal Institution, and Wallpaper Magazine to name a few. And he is co-founder of Olson, a purpose-led design lab that brings innovative service models to businesses to help them create a better future.

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By Matt Nicholson Digital consultant

The notion of finding ‘fulfilling’ work has erupted over recent years. Among an increasingly connected and transparent world and with more people sharing how they’ve had an impact in their community, it’s no wonder more of us are sitting down to reflect on how work can head into a more purposeful, balanced direction. Digital Consultant Matt Nicholson shares his journey of forging a purposeful career and explains why it’s essential to keep the momentum going once you’ve started.

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